Truck & Trailer Washing

Wash any trailer in 8 minutes or less
Wash-Bots Canada Ltd.

Wash-Bots Canada is the exclusive Canadian retailer of Bitimec’s on-site wash systems. Made in Italy, these stainless-steel wash machines are ideal for buses, trucking fleets, RVs, limousines and other large vehicles. Our compact 15 sq ft self-propelled washers can wash up to 35 buses during one 8-hour shift in close to 5 minutes each, with a fraction of the physical exertion your current washing method requires. Experience significant savings in water, labour, downtime and expenses due to workplace injuries. Our systems are free standing, mobile and are incredibly easy to use. No building tie-ins or hook-ups are required.

21 Renault Crescent, St. Albert, AB
T8N 4B7